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What our clients say

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My hairdresser has definitely noticed an improvement

I have been a client at Advance Hair Therapy Institute for more than five months and am experiencing substantial new hair growth.  Friends and family have commented that my hair looks fuller and my hairdresser has definitely noticed an improvement. I look forward to more new hair growth as I continue my treatments. The people at AHTI are knowledgeable, discreet and highly professional!


Wonderful to know there is hope

It is so wonderful to know there is hope for people with thinning hair!  My hair has been thinning all my life, but thanks to Advance Hair Therapy Institute, I have new growth.  The treatments and the products are effective and amazing! Not to mention, the scalp therapy sessions are like a head massage.  And not only is it for thinning hair, but it also treats different scalp issues.  The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, as well.  Do yourself a favor, and check it out.  And don’t forget to share the good news with a friend!


It almost seems magical...

Wow! How amazing to see hair growing back after losing a lot of hair due to medications and surgery. And it couldn’t be easier! You get pampered with special treatments every other week. Then after a treatment, or on the other non-treatment days, it couldn’t be any simpler to come and sit for approximately 30 minutes and relax while you sit under the laser. It almost seems magical, you start to see new hairs coming back in only a few weeks. As treatments continue, more and more hair begins to sprout and not only you, but everyone you know can see the difference. The staff is friendly and professional and work with you to fit the treatments into your schedule. You can even get a hand-held device to take with you when you are traveling so you don’t have to miss out on the laser treatments when you are away on travel for work or for fun. My results are amazing and I can only say “Try it, it DOES work!!”


In 6 months I have seen significant improvement

I am delighted to add my praise for Advanced Hair Therapy Institute. Fine hair that thins with age is the norm for women in my family, but unlike my mother and grandmother, I can’t stand wearing a wig. In the 6 months since I started I have seen significant improvement, and though I will never have “lush” hair the thin areas are less and less apparent. I tried Minoxidil because it worked fairly well for my sister, but it did nothing for me in a year that I used it. Within a month of starting AHTI, I noticed there was very little loose hair in my hairbrush or on my pillow. That was enough to make me a believer. Thank you very much for making this available in this area. My sister is thinking about driving down from Maryland to start the program.


So pleased Advance Hair Therapy Institute is in our area

I am so pleased Advance Hair Therapy Institute is in our area. I consulted my family doctor and two dermatologists trying to find out what I could do to stop hair loss. My hair stylist mentioned that a new place was opening and asked if I was interested. Of course, I was, and I am very pleased with the results so far. I have been getting treatments for approximately 5-6 months, and I have really noticed a difference. The treatments, products, and staff are all phenomenal!