Laser Hair Therapy

Questions about laser hair therapy

Will my insurance cover my wig or post-mastectomy garment?

Many insurances policies cover both, but just as many do not. Feel free to bring your insurance card with you when you come for your consultation and we can help you find the answer!

What is Low Level Laser Light?

It is a compressed light of a wavelength from the cold, red part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. It is different from natural light in that it is one precise color; it is coherent (it travels in a straight line), monochromatic (a single wavelength) and collimated (it concentrates its beam in a defined location or spot).

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Also known as cold or soft lasers, these lasers produce absolutely NO radiation. While the light is high in energy, no dangerous light or heat is emitted from the LLLT unit. The energy is what causes the increased blood flow.

Is it safe?

Yes! While there are many different types of laser available for a wide array of treatments, this type of laser is non-surgical and is considered therapeutic. Approved by the FDA, it is the most powerful laser available for cosmetic purposes. This poses absolutely NO negative side effects. It is completely painless and non-toxic. As a matter of fact, it stimulates the body’s mechanism to repair and heal itself by increasing blood flow through bio-stimulation.

Will it work for everyone?

Low Level Laser Therapy works best during the beginning to middle stages of hair loss, especially when it is related to Male or Female Pattern Baldness. The light has to seep into the follicle to be able to regenerate the cells so follicle activity is a must. Our 50x zoom iScope allows us to examine your scalp closely, enabling us to determine whether or not you are a candidate.

Should I bring anything to the consultation?

You will be asked to fill out an informational form when you arrive at your consultation. You should be prepared to answer questions about your hair and scalp, other treatments you have tried (if any), and to list any medications you are currently taking or have taken within the last year.

Why don’t you have prices listed?

No two hair loss cases are the same. While we have a basis off which we adjust our prices, this is not a one-price-fits-all situation. After an extensive analysis, we will be able to quote you a price.

Do you have any financing options?

Yes, we do! And if you act fast, you can take advantage of our 0% financing option! But this won’t be available for long.

How soon can I expect to see results?

The appearance of reduction of hair loss usually occurs after approximately four months. We use the word “appearance” because if it takes losing half of our hair before noticing that we are losing it, imaging the time it takes before we notice it coming back! We will perform a scalp analysis prior to starting your treatment and then again every three months throughout your program to track your progress. Some participants have even noticed hair growth as soon as 12-15 treatments!

(picture) Results vary greatly and depend on amount of hair loss, type of hair loss, and follicle activity still present. The laser cannot produce more hair than has ever been present on your scalp.

What if I am going to be out of town?

No need to worry! We’ve got you covered. Included in your package, you have the option to borrow a hand-held laser to take on your travels for one or two 1-week intervals. While not nearly as strong, the hand-held laser will help to promote blood flow, so not to get off track on your treatment.

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