Our Policies

Cancellation Policy

As a courtesy, we ask that you please call in advance to cancel any appointments you are not about to keep. If an appointment is NOT cancelled prior to the scheduled service time, the service(s) will be deducted from your package and therefore lost.

In the event that two consecutive appointments are missed without adhering to the cancellation policy, all future scheduled appointments with the Treatment Center will be cancelled. We will then schedule your future appointments at a maximum of one month at a time, upon your request.

Late Policy

We, at AHTI, run on a very tight schedule to ensure that you are not being delayed when you come in for your treatment. WE DO REALIZE THAT YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE.
If you find that you will be running more than (5) minutes late for your appointment, we suggest that you call to either reschedule, or to check availability for that time or for later. In order to prevent all clients for the day being delayed due to one patient, we reserve the right to reschedule late arrivals.
You will not lose your treatment; it will simply be rescheduled.
We understand that you would appreciate the same courtesy if the person prior to your appointment was running late.

Borrowing Our Laser Combs

As an added service, we would like to allow our clients to borrow a hand-held laser device for instances such as business trips and family vacations. To prevent lost, stolen, and/or broken devices, we have the following guidelines:

  • No laser combs will be loaned out for less than 5 days. If you are traveling or unable to come in for 5 days or less, you will NOT go backwards on your program so there is no need to borrow.
  • NO laser combs will be loaned out for more than 14 days. We must be able to have it available to loan out to other clients. If you need one for longer than that, you should consider purchasing one to keep in such cases.
  • You will be required to complete a form stating that if the laser comb is lost, broken, stolen or not turned in within the specified time, your credit card will be charged $495 plus tax.
  • Laser combs are available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact us as soon as you know about your travel dates.
  • Clients who have not borrowed a laser comb in the last 12 months will have borrowing preference in the case of two clients needing it at once.
  • Once again, if you are a frequent traveler, or are unable to come in on a regular basis—you should consider purchasing your own laser comb so that it is available whenever needed!